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Margit Künzel

Englisch: Refresher and conversation (B1/B2) - Online
Sa. 25.11.2023 09:30
  VHS; Zoom

- Let’s get talking! In this course, we will be looking at a great variety of current topics at the B1/B2 level. With the help of different media (texts, audio, video clips) we will get started and from there plunge into discussion. As we go along, we will also do some language work (word building, grammar). Participants will get a chance to present a topic of interest to the group. So, why not come and join us? Material will be provided. How does online teaching work? Online teaching offers many options for a lively class interaction. We can communicate via chat or simply by using our micro. We can see each other via webcam. We can separate into breakout rooms for work in pairs or small groups or we can stay together in our virtual classroom for discussion. All kind of material can be easily given out or shared among teacher and participants via chat or screen sharing. We can share our screen for short videos or presentations and we can use the whiteboard for finalising results. All the above tools support you in your language learning process. Why not give it a try?

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