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Englisch B1

24 Kurse
VHS Oldenburg
VHS Hatten + Wardenburg

Englisch: Fortgeschrittene (B1.1) Kleingruppe
Mo. 17.04.2023 19:45

- Für Teilnehmende mit guten Vorkenntnissen. In addition to practising your speaking, listening and reading skills, you will have the opportunity to improve your grammar and extend your vocabulary. Lehrbucharbeit ab Lektion 2.

Kursnummer 23AO52301Z
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Gebühr: 94,00
Noch 3 Plätze frei.
Englisch: Auffrischung (B1) Am Wochenende
Sa. 29.04.2023 09:30
  VHS; Karlstr. 25; Raum ca. 1 Woche vor Kursbeginn unter

- You would like to refresh your command of the English language on a few Saturdays? We will be learning by reading texts and discussing everyday subjects. This course is designed to improve your language skills, also with a focus on extending your vocabulary and practicing grammar. Additional material will be provided on the

Kursnummer 23AO52335
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Gebühr: 61,00
Noch 2 Plätze frei.
Englisch Kompakt: Intermediate conversation (B1+) Kleingruppe
Mo. 12.06.2023 09:00

- Do you often find yourself wanting to communicate a certain idea or opinion in English, but you can’t seem to get your ideas across? Of course, this can be challenging even in our native language. But in a foreign language, so many other things make it even more difficult. Sometimes it’s a lack of vocabulary or grammar; but more often, it’s that people get so nervous that they either freeze up or can't communicate clearly. If this sounds familiar, take heart: you are not alone! In this course you’ll learn how to carry on both a superficial conversation in English as well as a deeper, more meaningful one. You’ll also learn how to make it easier for the other person to follow your ideas. And best of all, you’ll learn how to do all of this in a way that other people will enjoy talking to you! The number of participants is limited to 9 to ensure that everyone feels confident and can talk and practise as much as possible. To make sure this is the right course for you, please call us for an oral placement test before registering. Material will be provided.

Kursnummer 23AO52741B
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Gebühr: 241,00
(inkl. Unterlagen und Kaltgetränke)
Englisch Kompakt: For work, socializing and travel (B1)
Mo. 03.07.2023 09:00

- Learn English to communicate in private situations and at work. Whether you want to use English at work, for socializing (in person or online) or for travel, you will learn language and strategies which help you to understand and communicate better. You will practise your English in speaking, listening, reading and some writing activities. A review of the most important grammar is included. Please note that we will not complete the whole course book in this seminar but only a selection of relevant units. To make sure this is the right course for you, please call us for an oral placement test or do the placement test online before registering:

Kursnummer 23AO52731B
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Gebühr: 212,00
(inkl. Kaltgetränke)
23.03.23 22:46:56