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Etikette im Beruf

1 Kurs
VHS Oldenburg
VHS Hatten + Wardenburg

Fit for Germany - Surviving German business culture - Online Englischsprachiges Seminar
Sa. 26.11.2022 09:30
  VHS; Zoom

- Want to be fit for business in Germany? This seminar is designed to understand the basic facts about German business culture. Topics are business communication in the German workplace, etiquette rules in professional life, communication styles, and table manners. We will also have a look at cultural standards, such as value of rules, reliability, separation of private and public spheres and directness.

Kursnummer 22BO31125
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Gebühr: 79,00
(inkl. Unterlagen und Kaltgetränke)
Dozent*in: Gabriela Meyer